Why photovoltaics?

The subject of renewable energy has been a growing concern in German society, even well before the country’s decision to abandon the use of atomic energy. Renewable energy projects have been receiving government funding for years, and quite considerable capacities have already been built up in Germany, Luxembourg and other European and non-European countries. And photovoltaics in particular offer the ideal opportunity to profit from these developments. Many rooftops, especially those of industrial buildings, are perfectly suited as locations for solar power plants. Photovoltaic systems therefore offer building owners the opportunity to profit directly from alternative energy.

About the company

Founded in 1993 AVANTAG Energy® s.à r.l., based in Mertert in Luxemburg, specializes in developing projects and concepts with economically attractive solutions in the fields of renewable energy for industry, commerce and the public sector.

AVANTAG Energy®’s business activities are focused on the countries of Germany and Luxemburg, as well as on the MENA region.

The core competences of the company lie not only in the development of photovoltaic power plants with a high output for industry, trade and the public sector, but also in designing suitable implementation and financial concepts for constructing and operating the systems. As an expert for planning, design and implementation of renewable energy concepts, AVANTAG Energy® is always in a position to assist its customers and is the ideal partner for projects with industrial and commercial applications. Over the past years AVANTAG Energy® has successfully implemented numerous plants and has gained many satisfied customers in this field of business. Since 2013 the realization of investment projects in the field of solar power installations has increasingly been complemented with the implementation of on-site consumption of generated solar energy and the related "solar price stop".

AVANTAG Energy® s.à r.l.’s range of services extends from the acquisition of suitable locations and the organization of the technical and legal framework, to the bankability of the overall project and, as a provider of turnkey solutions, also to the expert implementation of installation technology.

What sets us apart

Solar energy systems have come of age and are now very reliable and robust. This allows for projects planned over 20, 25 and even 30 years, guaranteeing long-term returns and independence from rising energy costs. Under these circumstances, it is particularly important to find the right partner for a lasting commitment and to ensure stable earnings from the first day. And this is where you can benefit from our expertise and long-term experience, both in planning and building ready-to-use systems for our customers and in running our own plants.
AVANTAG Energy® is your ideal and reliable partner!

Sustainability at AVANTAG Energy®

Sustainability is of utmost importance for AVANTAG Energy®. So our modern high-yield solar power installations do not only mean sustainably good returns, but more than this, they are also an important component in the sustainabilty strategies of our customers. In accordance with the Brundtland Report, which defines sustainable trade, energy should be provided sufficiently and on a long-term basis, ensuring that, if possible, everyone now and in future has the chance of a dignified life. One’s own photovoltaic installation curbs climate change, saving CO2 with every single hour of sunshine. This in turn not only means a reduction of social inequality worldwide long-term but also diminishes the massive negative consequences of climate change long-term. AVANTAG Energy® and its customers are therefore actively supporting the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. These objectives aim to advance the economical, ecological and social development in all countries all over the world. Goal Number 7 stipulates that everyone should have access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and up-to-date energy by 2030. You are in a position to make an important contribution towards this goal with your AVANTAG Energy® solar power installation.

At the same time AVANTAG’s activities – from purchasing, to the implementation and environmentally-friendly disposal of the installation at the end of its life cycle – are shaped by the principles of fairness, environmental protection and sustainability. As well as German products we, at AVANTAG, also use Asian components, whose production lines we regularly visit to gain an impression of the working conditions. Here we pay special attention to the production process, work safety, environmental protection and fair working conditions at our suppliers.

This means you are not only being supplied with a customized solar installation suited to your needs with which you become permanently less independent on old, fossil fuels, save costs and lay the foundations for future prospects of your company. With your solar installation from AVANTAG Energy®, you are also making an important contribution to the reduction of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions as well as economic, ecological and social problems resulting from climate change. Let’s be sustainably successful!

We look forward to working with you!